Control of our reality by intelligence outside Earth

Control of our reality by intelligence outside Earth

Reality surpasses fiction; It is a saying that we have heard multiple times, but despite it, in most cases, it is very difficult for us to believe that completely unusual and implausible events can occur. So now let's explore some of these events a little, to try to completely understand that the reality in which we live goes far beyond the things we take for granted and what we simply perceive. And also, that maybe, the control of our reality could be in the hands of intelligence outside Earth

Flying objects over Nuremberg

It was the morning of April 14, 1561, when the first rays of sun rose, the inhabitants of Nuremberg were surprised and fascinated by something over that spring sky: what appeared to be, according to witnesses, red and black spheres soaring through the sky, apart from what some described as annular discs. Additionally, multiple witnesses said they had seen objects with other shapes, some rectangular and others elongated similar to extensive tubes. But of all the descriptions presented, one of a large object with the appearance of a spear or arrow is the one that attracts the most attention because for the people of the time that object was a symbol of some kind of divine warning.

The Mysterious Sky Battle Over Nuremberg in 1561 | Amusing Planet

But that diverse set of objects did not remain static or moved in one direction, since observers said that those things in the air seemed to fight to each other, to such an extent that many of those objects fell towards the earth and then dissipated between steam contrails. How is it possible that different people, from different places, could have observed such an unusual sighting on the sky? Did it really happen or was it some kind of mass hysteria? But if the witnesses were separated in the distance, it is unlikely that it was some kind of mass hysteria or suggestion. And even more, why those things would fight between them? Perhaps for the control of our reality.

1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg - Wikipedia

The Siege of Capitol Hill

During the early afternoon of August 24, 1814, British General Robert Ross entered with the army men and took control over the city of Washington D. C., completely occupying it and, setting fire to the most important buildings, among them, the Capitol and the White House, forcing First Lady Dolly Madison to desperately flee.

Burning of Washington - Wikipedia

During the rest of that fateful day, the main buildings remained burning in flames until the very early hours of the morning. The next day, the capital city of the United States remaining under British rule, and with the buildings still burning embers, the British continued with the siege, until, unexpectedly, the sky darkened and strong gusts of winds began to lift and destabilize the ammunition and weapons of that navy. The storm seemed not to stop and, even, a tornado accompanied it causing much more havoc among the British.

Those who remained of the terrified troop regrouped and decided to set sail in the ships that were still functional, as many of them were destroyed by the waves and the winds. For the British, reality suddenly transformed, favoring the liberation of Washington D. C. because the British of that time used to stay with the territories they conquered, but it could not be like that, due to that storm of biblical magnitude.

U.S. Senate: Burning of Washington, 1814

But what caused it? The witnesses of that time narrate that this was a sunny and perfect day. Many claimed that a divine force intervened so that the United States could consolidate itself as a powerful independent nation because if that storm had not occurred, the United States would not be what it is today. It was as if an intelligence outside Earth had intervened to, in some way through that unusual storm, take control of our reality to allow the existence of the United States.

The day the UFOs stopped a soccer game

On the afternoon of October 27, 1954, in Tuscany, Italy, almost 10,000 spectators had gathered at the Artemi Franci stadium, to witness the match between the mighty Fiorentina and their local rival the Pistoiese. During the first minutes of that soccer game, the public did not stop cheering for their favorite team, but then, after half time, the stadium was mysteriously silent.

The day UFOs stopped play -

Suddenly, a roar was felt over the crowd, which had stopped watching the game to look up. That made the players stop following the ball which kept rolling until it ceased moving. According to what the legendary footballer Ardico Magnini would later testify, it was an oval-shaped object, similar to an egg, that moved very slowly over the sky and, as everyone looked up at the sky, something glowing began to come out under it, something with a silver glow, leaving everyone in shock.

Florence 2054 « whaiwhai

The game inevitably had to be suspended that day due to fear and the state of surprise of about 10,000 people who were there, including the players. Later, throughout that day, in other areas of Tuscany, there were multiple reports of sightings of similar objects, and even others with the shape of a cigar, which continued to be seen several days later in the area. The question here is what was in fact the intention of those UFOs over a stadium.

If the match had continued how it should have happened, would any other event have occurred? Something in a different way? Definitely, the control of our reality once again happened in this case, maybe changing the course of the events. Something that, for sure, this intelligence outside Earth wanted to avoid.

Angel hair (folklore) - Wikipedia

And what about the recent events?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, sightings of UFOs have increased at a very high rate, reports coming, practically from every main city affected by the coronavirus, seems to be a proof of the interest of what is happening in our home planet to us.

Would it be that some alien life form is worry about us? Or perhaps what is happening is related by an outsider action? Maybe, they had intervened to control our reality and are watching if we can find a solution for these recent events.

Because, definitely, any action we take, as a specie to control the threat of the coronavirus around the world would mean much of our capacity and intelligence, worthy of being at the height of them and, maybe, after this crisis, they will be willing to make open and direct contact with us, whom they should now see us like them, respectable intelligence inside Earth.

Ariel A. Agrioyanis, System engineer and book author
Ariel A. Agrioyanis, System engineer and book author

Ariel A. Agrioyanis (Panama City, May 9th, 1977) is a Panamanian author and, also a computer science engineer, and former university professor. In 2011, he published the first book of the saga Genticks; also, in 2014 The Scale, a romantic drama. At present, he has been interested in the ufology and soon he will publish a book related to this subject.

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What theories or hypotheses exist regarding external intelligences' possible influence or control over aspects of human reality?
Various theories exist, ranging from speculative scientific hypotheses about advanced extraterrestrial civilizations influencing human evolution or technology, to more philosophical considerations about the nature of consciousness and reality, potentially shaped by forces beyond Earth.

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