Secrets of the UFOs – what are the UFO types?

Different UFO types spotted over time

Through history, witnesses have described different characteristics in UFO types, since in one of the most captivating events, occurred in Nuremberg in 1561, was claimed that have been seen various shapes of these flying objects in unknown UFO sightings that went from arrows, spheres, discs, cylinders, eggs, fireballs to cross.

This particular event is also usually described as a battle between these objects. Which means that it might be probably to exist a variety of species of aliens from another world.

This event still makes us wonder, in such a case, why they were fighting? Perhaps was something related to humans? Even if we don’t have the answers for those questions we can affirm then, many different species have been visiting our planet since then.

In a latest UFO footage could be seen a shapeshifting ship flying over Cambridge, and this one is not alone, in the rest of the UK and other places around Europe, others witnesses have claimed to observe this same characteristic, which makes now think that perhaps this UFO is upgrading their technology since this type of sighting wasn’t describe years before when the most common shape was of a flying saucer.

Now let’s go back to the concept that every different shape is probably a trademark for a specific species of extra-terrestrial, or so the experts claim.

Flying saucer or disc shape UFO

This kind of UFO type is often related with the greys, the type of alien that is so frequently presented in movies and tv shows that they already form part of our popular culture, but there’s a truth behind them, they have been seen for many people around the world and are the ones that are more involved to human abduction regarding the claims of witnesses that have had this kind of experience.

It's not science fiction - It's what we do every day

Fireball UFO

This is one of the most common types of UFOs. In the latest UFO footage a glowing object, similar to a fireball was seen over the skies of Ukraine which size seems to be of many feet long, but are some other cases, like the one described by witnesses in Brazil, in which these kinds of UFO are presented as very small glowing disc or fireballs of just a few feet.

People that had studied such cases don’t think on these as manned ships but probably as probes used by different species to makes studies around our planet. But there is a consensus that they are most often used by the greys.

Stardust Capsule Return

Cylinders or cigarettes UFO

This type of UFOs is, regarding some abducted witnesses, related to the reptilians or draconian. This species of alien is, according to many researchers, still among us, that’s right, occupying high positions within politics, royalty and even in the business world, where they study and control the rest of the human and, in some few occasion share some technology with the rest of us.

It is worth mentioning that although the natural appearance of reptilians resembles that of reptile species found on earth, it is said that they are excellent masters of disguise, since they manage to go unnoticed under an impeccable human appearance, but in extremely rare occasion some of them have been captured in videos or pictures showing their real appearance, like the following video:


Egg shaped UFOs

The most famous case of this type of UFO, is the one saw by the police officer Lonnie Zamora in Socorro, New Mexico back in 1964. Also, at the same moment, a witness named Gary Wilcox claimed to have an encounter with this same type of alien in Newark Valley, New York.

Both men described what seems to be a type of alien, similar to a human being but with a small stature. According to experts in the subject, they have described them as the species called the dropa, which have been visiting our planet continuously since 12 thousand years ago when they first time arrived in our planet in the Tibetan territory.

But according to Gary Wilcox, these aliens are from Mars, as that was what they told him during his encounter. But still one of the most outstanding encounters with this type of egg shape UFO was the one registered by Maurice Masse in 1965, in which he described the same type of alien, but he emphasizes the fact that they all were dressed in a very tight green suit.

His other descriptions of these being are quite similar than the other previous encounter, as he remarked that this alien didn’t pass the 4 feet of height.

Man films mysterious 'egg-shaped' UFO over M62 - what do you think it is?

In conclusion

Following the claims of these encounters on different UFO types, is easy to affirm that for sure many different species of alien seem to be visiting our planet for so long, but still, there are many questions, why they don’t try to make open contact with all of us?

Some ufologist answer this question with rumors of agreement between these being with different governments of the world, that type of explanation would make sense, as we know that the vast majority of people would feel afraid if a contract or agreement with intelligent life from other world is confirmed, affecting the regular order, the economy and even the mental health of many people.

But away from the true, it’s a fact, that human is prepared to deal with extreme changes, but most of all, many persons around the world are accepting the idea that we have never been alone. But if you still have doubts you can check this video published on September 19th, 2019, through the main news chains around the world.

Navy Confirms Existence of 'Unidentified' Flying Objects Seen in Leaked Footage

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