The truth about the TIC TAC UFO

These lately days we have been hearing a lot about the Tic Tac UFOs, since past September 19th the NAVY confirmed that a group of leaked videos filmed by its pilots and published on 2017 by the New York Times were real.
The truth about the TIC TAC UFO

Recent TIC TAC UFO sighting

These lately days we have been hearing a lot about the Tic Tac UFOs, since past September 19th the NAVY confirmed that a group of leaked videos filmed by its pilots and published on 2017 by the New York Times were real.

This confirmation brings, in fact, more question to the public than answer, is an authentic proof that something has been plowing the skies for so long. But between the many strange objects that witnesses have claimed to watch around the world, the Tic Tac UFOs have their own peculiarities:

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The reason of their name.

Well, for those who haven’t catch the reason why they are called Tic Tac, is because of their shape, like the famous Tic Tac candies, like a rectangle with rounded corners, also, according to witnesses they are completely white or silver, without any kind of mark or window in the surface, just like the white Tic Tacs.

USS Nimitz UFO incident

The movement.

As shown in the videos captured by the navy, the Tic Tac UFOs have an amazing versatility in their movement. They can not only flight at higher speeds than any man-made device, but they can perform movements with vertiginous angle changes that violate the physics we have managed so far.

For that reason, according what witnesses have said, they don’t fly, as fly involved using the strength of the wind to keep the lift and, not having the aerodynamics to make a flight, it is obvious that these UFOs, use some technology that keeps them floating and making those amazing movements without affecting with the force of inertia their interior.

Experts that have observed the videos claims that perhaps is involved a type of technology that can handle the gravitational force.

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The tracks.

Yes, when we think about an object, that is practically flying at a super high speed, the first thing that comes to our mind is that at least should leave some kind of track in the atmosphere, but the Tic Tac UFOs are far to leave any type of observable trail.

And the most unusual thing is that if the trail is not seen at least could be heard, but this have not been the case in any encounter with them, even when in the most of the encounter witnesses have note that during their instant acceleration no sound is released, even when the common sense indicates that any object when entering friction with matter, in this case the atmosphere, must release energy in the form of sound and heat.

So, the question is, where does all this energy go? The explanation would be that in some way, this objects in fact, have no interaction with their surrounded matter.

The ability to move in different environments.

Since the first registered sighting with the Tic Tac UFOs, which occurs on November of 2004, what is known today as the Nimitz encounter, member of the USS Nimitz and the pilots of the Strike Fighter Squadron 41 could observe how a group of these UFOs could move below the sea water and on the air, an ability that still haven’t been seen in any man-made artifact.

Also, this type of UFOs has been clearly seen by astronauts on board of the International Space Station, even when they haven’t openly talked about this, which confirms us that this super technology can adapt to any kind of environment without any inconvenient.

Its ability to appear and disappear from the eyes of the observer.

One a the most common things about the encounter with this kind of UFO is its sudden appearance and disappearance, how it just teleported from some other place.

Last year in November, over Ireland’s skies, some pilot of commercial flight, including passengers reported the presence of very bright objects that suddenly appeared at high altitude and, even, when some of the witnesses only reported this as very bright objects, some other passenger achieved to observe a more define shape, like a tic tac candy.

According to pilots, during this encounters, these kind of UFO seem to suddenly appear at one point to suddenly appear to another extreme of their visual field, like if they were jumping from place to place to only continuing following the airplane.

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The strange elements that accompany them.

During the encounter with the tic tac UFO some witnesses claim to have observed some other strange phenomena previously and after these encounters.

One of the most common things is an unusual fog or haze that suddenly appear even when the meteorological report does not show any trace or probability of the appearance of these elements, but the stranger thing is that this atmospheric phenomenon also have been captured through weather radars, leaving meteorologist bewildered for the sudden appearance and disappearance of those conditions. Also, one the before the viewer's eyes the glow surrounding these objects is practically a trademark.

The unusual loss of time with tic tac UFO encounters

Finally, other of the things that some witnesses had reported when having an encounter with a tic tac UFO is the loss of time. Even when this kind of experience haven’t been reported by every witness, some of them have been firm about the loss of time during their encounter with these objects.

One particular case was the one occurred on April of 2013 when a private pilot had observed an unusual tic tac shape object flying near is small airplane after taking off from Aguadilla airport in Puerto Rico, after some seconds of the disappearance of the strange object the pilot decided to return asking for landing, for his surprise, what had seem to be only a flight of about 20 minutes was in fact a flight of more than one and half hour.

Tic tac UFOs have been observed during many year, but the credibility of its existence have increased because of the recent events, so maybe, if you have seen something with that particular shape over the sky, it wasn’t a drone or any other human craft created by humans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What impact has the Tic Tac UFO sighting had on the scientific community's approach to studying aerial phenomena?
The Tic Tac UFO sighting has notably shifted the scientific community's approach, prompting more serious and open-minded investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena, bridging the gap between mainstream science and what was once considered fringe UFO research.

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