Genticks: The Three Currents, brings more adventures to readers of young hearts.

The science fiction book that have been already published in Amazon Italy, will soon be in the most important local bookstores of Panama and the most popular book sales sites on the internet.

Genticks: The Three Currents

Ariel Agrioyanis, author of the novel Genticks and The Scale, present the second book of his science fiction saga for English readers, Genticks The Three Currents.

In this sequel Surina Iacobelli, the main character, who is a 12-year-old girl originally from Mars, will be forced to make a bold and brave journey through different parts of the terrestrial world, which is at war, with her friends from the academy of science and technology Genticks: Aturel, Kaimyo, Danyuro, Augustus, Olena and, Shatki, challenging the dangers that arise in this intricate adventure to be able to restore the most powerful ally they have had, Genius Gene, an artificial being with autonomous intelligence, able to help them to bring peace on Earth.

The Genticks adventure saga

Throughout the Genticks adventure saga, situations arise that have a real reach outside fiction, such as the obsession for the search for power, the unattainable struggle to preserve youth and the aggressive competition for the development of new technologies, this last point is seen as the panacea that gives access and control to everyone who owns it above all other people.

About the Author:

Ariel Agrioyanis is a systems engineer and has a degree in graphic design and has experience as a university professor in the fields of computer science and design. His first book, Genticks, was published in 2011, which was later released in its English version in 2013. In 2015 he published his first romantic comedy book: The Scale. Genticks The Three Currents for Spanish reader was first published in 2016.

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