What is Genticks and why it is worth paying attention to this new saga

Although many people do not know much about this book there is already a place where this story has already a fan club.

Since the publication of Genticks’ first book, there are those who immediately paid attention to it in the home country of the author, Ariel Agrioyanis, in Panama City.

In a place where it is not common for a writer to publish sci-fi and are just a few the stories that follow a continuity, Genticks soon had the attention of the local media due these particular characteristics.

But what is Genticks about?

Well first of all, Genticks is the name of an academy of science and technology, a kind of special school for very advanced students in which, while other regular students would be learning about the things that all of us had learned at school, well, in Genticks the students are preparing themselves to become scientists, engineers in every branch, medical staff or even astronauts.

In the universe of the distant future created by Ariel Agrioyanis, this academy is the most prestigious school of science and technology of the entire world and only a few privileged kids are selected to study there.

But things are going to change for Surina Iacobelli, the main character of the saga when comes the opportunity to travel to Earth for the first time since she is the daughter of terrestrial scientists living on Mars, earning a scholarship to study at Genticks.

Once at the academy, she breaks the ice of such proud classmates by making a deep friendship, which leads them to discover the secrets of the academy and its deceased founder, and also to discover the reality in how the Earth is governed. That knowledge will put them in constant danger and will make them come together to face the challenges to survive.

What makes this story unique?

One of the main characteristic of the way how is narrated the story is that everything happen following the perspective of this twelve years old girl, something that must have been a challenge for the author to create.

Also, the details and description of everything that surrounds the different characters, as the technology they constantly use, which according to the author, are based on real facts.

Another factor of great relevance in this story is the premise about what makes us human and if technological advances can affect our sense of humanity, as every character seems to have an issue that constantly affects the way how they are and behave.

What does the author want to transmit?

There are other elements that this story includes and that should be highlighted about this saga: the reference of some real events in human history that serve as comparison on part of the protagonist to execute the decisions to be made.

This means that Genticks story follow the line of time of the real human history and, that the author’s intentions are in fact a type of warning about the kind of things that could happen to humanity, if we continue as things are, with the excessive ambition of some few over others and where war is something that constantly haunts us as human beings.

Few days ago was published Genticks The Three Currents for English readers and it is already available in Amazon:

And here is the link to the first book of this saga:

This article was written by G. Bosquez former model and presenter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does 'Genticks' differentiate itself in its approach to science fiction themes compared to other contemporary sagas in the genre?
'Genticks' distinguishes itself by blending scientific concepts with adventure in a unique narrative style, appealing to a younger audience. Its fresh approach to sci-fi themes, incorporating current scientific advancements and ethical dilemmas, sets it apart from other sagas in the genre.

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