Can we change our reality?

Can we change our reality?

Yes, we all know that we can do it, but changing it at a fast rate is perhaps a question that everyone, at least, at once during life has thought of before. What if we could change our lives by only desiring it? Of course, we all know that we can make substantial changes in our lives, but following the known steps, like working for something, preparing ourselves to do what we dream of, or just accepting that only small little things are the easy ones to change, but that we can’t control everything that happens to us—accepting that those ones that we can change take time and hard work and that in the end, we do not always achieve the exact things we wanted.

But what if there’s a way to achieve all that without that long process? Could it be possible?

Well, it was recently published in its second edition of a book that affirms that maybe science could help us achieve our goals in a certain way. This book titled Reprogramando Nuestro Código Fuente was first launched in February 2021, for Spanish readers as an ebook, In English its title would be Programming Our Source Code. This book whose title is an analogy that compares our reality to a computer-based simulation, achieved to stay on the list of the most downloaded books of physics during two weeks. Sure of its appealing title and content, as we know many of us, wish to comply with this statement. But in fact, what’s behind the book's premise? Can we apply the physics to change our reality? Let’s see.

First, what is reality? This book, through a series of explanations, shows us a definition of a reality that is very particular for each one of us. A reality that can even be perceived in many different ways, depending on the subject and its senses. It is worth mentioning that, also this book remarks on the role of the media, the internet, and social networks, noting that these days our reality is not only based on what is physically tangible, but it goes further, extending to the virtual world that is currently part of the reality of most of us.

After a complete analysis of what we consider reality, Reprogramando Nuestro Código Fuente, approaches the main physical laws that we all know, from the ones exposed by Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Young, and Albert Einstein, to finally land in what Stephen Hawking presented through his statements on quantum physics, using a series of simple and selected examples and very clever and smooth words easy to understand for regular readers that are not familiar with these kinds of physics topics, but that still are interested in this matter. Also, this book which, in fact, make us makes us question our existence on the plane of reality, inspects in detail the Holographic Principle, exposed by Gerard 't Hooft.

In the end, after a wide glimpse into how our reality-universe works, Ariel Agrioyanis, the author of this book, reflects on what we all want to know, change our destiny, find a better path to follow, showing us, an easy way to reach that point that has always been supported by physics and that probably very deeply we all always have known and need to put in practice. But the most appreciable thing about this book is being able to easily understand all these theories, which really make us understand how our reality works and that everything is possible in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What theories or scientific concepts suggest the possibility of altering or influencing our reality, and how do these concepts intersect with understandings of consciousness or physics?
Theories in quantum mechanics, studies on consciousness, and philosophical explorations of perception all suggest the potential for reality to be influenced or altered. These concepts often intersect at the point where subjective experience meets objective physical laws, offering intriguing possibilities about the nature of reality and our role within it.

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