What are the best UFO TV series?

What are the best UFO TV series?

Mysterious and mystical things have always interested and will interest people, so the topic of UFOs does not lose its popularity, but every year, on the contrary, it intensifies. Inexplicable events literally fascinate and do not let you tear yourself away, however, few people in real life managed to see something like this, and many cases found a completely adequate logical explanation. But still there remains a large proportion of events that have remained unexplained.

It is for these simple reasons that people really like to watch films and series about UFOs, this is exactly the topic that always looks relevant and appropriate. I have prepared a small list of series about UFOs and aliens that will definitely not leave you indifferent while watching.

Series about UFOs and aliens

1. Project Blue Book.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy. Country: Canada, USA, 2019, 2 seasons. Duration: 45 minutes. About the series: 1950s. Astronomer J. Allen Hynek and US Air Force Captain Michael Quinn deal with UFO evidence. During the investigation, they stumble upon a government conspiracy hiding the truth from the population.

2. Resident Alien

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2021, season 1. Synopsis: Dr. Harry Wenderspiegl is a recluse in a small town in Colorado. He is also an alien who actually fell to Earth and occupied the body of a doctor. When the doctor is killed, the alien is forced to postpone the mission to return home and take the place of the victim. Living in a new body, he gradually begins to wonder whether people are worth saving or not.

3. Visitors.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2009, 2 seasons. About the series: Today the whole world woke up and saw that spaceships were hovering over every city. The arrivals claim to have come in peace and offer gifts of medical discoveries and technological improvements. They promise they won't hurt. They lie. Most of humanity believes that aliens arrived just when we needed them. People gladly accept their help.

But while investigating a terrorist cell, state security agent Erica Evans discovers something far from harmless. When her partner tries to kill her, Erica discovers that the aliens are planning to infiltrate governments and large corporations in order to take over all of humanity in the future. But it is almost impossible to convince the rest of this, because the aliens have two powerful trump cards in their hands. First, they won the faith and love of people through their gifts. Secondly, they took control of almost all teenagers.

Thousands of teenagers, including Erika's son, have been designated peace ambassadors but are actually spying for the aliens without knowing it. Erica is forced to join the resistance movement, where she meets Ryan, an alien who wants to save humanity. Erica will have to find a balance between resistance, work, and caring for her son, who has taken the side of the enemy.

4. Solar Opposites

Genre: Comedy, Animation, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2020, 3 seasons. Duration: 22 minutes. Synopsis: Fleeing from their dying planet, the aliens crash landed on Earth and are now forced to pretend to be ordinary people. Human civilization raises a lot of questions among alien guests, and they cannot decide in any way whether it is good or not. Only one thing is known for sure: they must protect the Pupa - a living supercomputer that will one day evolve, absorb them and terraform the Earth.

5. Ancient aliens.

Genre: Documentary, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2010, 16 seasons. Duration: 120 minutes. About the series: The TV series explores various aspects of the paleocontact theory and suggests that historical texts, archaeological evidence and legends of the peoples of the world contain evidence of human contact with extraterrestrial civilizations in the past.

6. First wave.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy. Country: Canada, 1998, 3 seasons. Duration: 43 minutes. About the series: The predictions of the French doctor and soothsayer Nostradamus have been worrying people for many centuries. Even in our time, the identity of this man who predicted Napoleon, Hitler and the third world war has not been unraveled. All his predictions are encrypted and many people are working on their solution. Part of the manuscripts of Nostradamus was destroyed by himself, although this is not typical for him. According to the researchers, these priceless documents, given the keen interest of the Inquisition in the research of the scientist, were safely hidden.

7. Roswell series

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2010, 3 seasons. Duration: 43 minutes. Synopsis: While working as a waitress at her father's diner, schoolgirl Lisa Parker is caught in a gunfight between patrons and is wounded. Her classmate Max Evans rushes to help, and heals the wound with a touch of his hand.

Soon the girl learns that Max, his sister Isabelle and friend Michael are the surviving descendants of the creatures that were on board the alien spaceship, which, according to legend, fell in the desert in 1947...

8. Aliens from the past.

Genre: drama, fantasy. Country: Norway, 2019, season 1. Duration: 45 minutes. About the series: In the modern world, aliens from the past begin to appear. Guests come from the Stone Age, the Viking Age and the late 19th century. They don't know how they got here, and they don't know how to get back. After several years of coexistence, the Viking Alfhildr joins the police and, together with a local detective, must find the killer of other aliens and uncover the reason for their appearance along the way.

9. Lost in space.

Genre: Detective, Drama, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2018, 3 seasons. Duration: 60 minutes. About the series: 2046. The spacecraft gets lost in space and crash-lands on a planet a few light-years away from its intended destination. Its inhabitants, the Robinson family, are forced to adapt and survive in new conditions.

10. X-Files.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2016, 2 seasons. Duration: 42 minutes. Synopsis: FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully work together again to investigate strange, unexplained paranormal cases.

11. The truth about UFOs.

Genre: documentary. Country: USA, 2004, 4 seasons. Duration: 45 minutes. About the series: The Bermuda Triangle, the mystery of the Roswell disaster, hidden evidence of aliens visiting the Earth, alien technology, Russian, American, Chinese, British secrets with seven seals associated with flying saucers.

12. People Of Earth.

Genre: detective, comedy, fantasy. Country: USA, 2016, 2 seasons. Duration: 30 minutes. Synopsis: This is the story of a skeptical reporter, Ozzy Graham, who attends a support group for survivors of alien contact as part of his investigative journalism. The more Ozzy communicates with the members of the strange circle, the more he sees the truth in their words. It finally comes to the point that the main character himself begins to suspect that he was once abducted by aliens.

13. Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation

Genre: Documentary, Fantasy. Country: USA, 2019, 2 seasons. About the series: exposure of a secret US government program to investigate UFOs.

14. Chasing UFOs

Country: USA, 2012, season 1. Duration: 60 minutes. About the series: A team of skilled researchers sets out to uncover the truth about UFOs. But they are not just looking for stories about extraterrestrial civilizations, they want answers to their questions. Risking everything, this group of scientists investigate and analyze some of the most mysterious sightings on the planet to unearth new evidence that will shake the world. The data they gather during their research will help paint a whole new picture of what we know about these strange lights in the sky.

The best UFOs series

The best UFO TV series, since ancient times, has attracted many people with mystery and suspense.

People have always looked to the sky and theorized about whether they are alone in the vast space. Of course, I want to believe that life exists not only on Earth. But the series on this list show different scenarios. They can show the option that aliens will come and teach us new technologies, or they can scare us that they will seize world power and conduct experiments. Therefore, everyone will find something that can intrigue and tickle their nerves.

The list of the best series about UFO turned out to be quite voluminous. Given that many of them have more than one season, you will know exactly what you want to watch for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the best UFO TV series blend factual information with entertainment, and what impact do they have on public perception of UFOs?
The best UFO TV series expertly combine real-life UFO incidents, expert interviews, and dramatizations to create engaging content that not only entertains but also educates viewers, often shaping public perception and awareness about UFO phenomena.

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