Uncovering some UFO secrets

Most of the regular people these days have a clear idea of what is a UFO, or how should be a UFO, because TV shows and movies have brought into our everyday life this type of information, but in fact, when talking about UFO, not all the information shared through the media is accurate, but most of all, not all of it, is really shared.
Uncovering some UFO secrets

What are UFO secrets?

Most of the regular people these days have a clear idea of what is a UFO, or how should be a UFO, because TV shows and movies have brought into our everyday life this type of information, but in fact, when talking about UFO, not all the information shared through the media is accurate, but most of all, not all of it, is really shared.

When talking about UFO we must go beyond, there are many UFO secrets that most of us have never heard about. That's why some of them are going to be shared here.

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Since when are they have been seen?

Almost all the individuals have the belief that all the UFO sighting started since what was reported in New Mexico in 1947 or before, in October of 1938 after the broadcasting of the adaptation of the War of the Worlds by Orson Wells. But the truth is that almost along all human history sightings of UFOs have been reported.

Proof of this is what happened in Nuremberg in 1561, which was one of the few registered and well-documented sightings of the modern age, and if we go backward, we can even find some interesting stories about sky visitors in almost every culture around the world, which in most cases have merged with religion. And even when this has been that way for most of our entire history, the right question to ask would be why almost all of us don’t know much about these encounters?

1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg on Wikipedia

Because, as the main title of this article, UFO secrets, this knowledge has been kept hidden from the majority for various reasons, but most of all because it could cause fear in the population and this could affect the daily activities that keeps the stability of our survival as a society.

Then, since this point of view, we can allege that the major of all the UFO secrets would be the conspiracy, which has always existed, of hiding all the information that confirms the real visit of beings from other worlds to our planet.

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Is UFO sighting dangerous?

There are two types of reaction each time when a person has an encounter with some strange sightings in the sky that clearly indicate that is not a regular thing: to try to capture the evidence with a camera or simple to go away.

Sometimes, the best option is to follow our instinct, yes, to go away, as much of the witness who have kept observing this kind of sighting have lately reported illness related with high levels of radiation.

After the famous case of Voronezh, in Russia, back in 1989, the investigators could confirm high levels of radiation in the park where the unknown ships had landed.

Voronezh UFO incident on Wikipedia

Another example of this type of danger is suffered by Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum, when after a very close encounter with a very shiny UFO in a road, they started suffering from symptoms related to exposure to high levels of radiation, like stomach illness, weakness, eye discomfort, and a feeling as if they were suffering from sunburn.

The Cash–Landrum Incident on Wikipedia

But the radiation symptoms are not the only issue, some of the people that have decided to stay while a strange object was flying near their area, reported later, when the object has gone, to have noticed a time lost, a time-lapse in which they don’t have an idea of what they were doing, which can be a clear indication that perhaps they had been abducted, an event that is even a more dangerous threat.

Also, we must still remember another type of risk related to this type of phenomenon with the airline industry, in which some planes had to make some maneuvers to evade their impact with these kinds of objects during flight at high altitudes.

So far the most famous case would be the one that involved a Japan Air Lines plane, back in 1980, in which the pilot, helped by the personnel of the control tower of the airport of Anchorage decide to make a series of turns to evade a UFO to later make and unplanned landing in that airport.

The Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident on Wikipedia

We know for sure that every flight plan is complex and that any change in it will always count as a risk for any kind of failure. After exploring and analyzing these cases, yes, any encounter with a UFO has a considerable danger, so next time would be better to follow your instincts and go away from the scene.

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Has any government been in contact with these otherworld beings?

This is one of the more complex questions that probably most of usually wonder. But, if we analyze in detail, the history related to UFOs, one of the most stunning UFO secrets is the fact that their presence on our planet had been hidden, and for sure, that simple action must lead us to practically confirm that probably these beings had always been in touch with the high hierarchy of mankind in different times along history.

But extrapolating that to our contemporaneity, we must assume that, perhaps, many agreements that include access to technology have probably been carried out. Some experts in this subject claim that since 1954 the United States had kept some agreements with these unknown beings, when President Dwight Eisenhower arranged a series of planned encounters with these aliens, following a series of unexpected sightings around Washington D. C. area during those days.

President Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, former Pentagon consultant claims

It is said that through that encounters the U.S. government could have guaranteed access to technology and keep the safety of their nuclear installations, that it was said to be a concern to the aliens. In exchange, these beings could openly have access to perform studies in the human population.

If all this is confirmed would be the biggest of the UFO secrets of all times. But… there’s still one more question:

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If all the mentioned above is true, how do we have access to all this information nowadays?

The answer to this is simple, as the communication and technology had widespread all around the planet, it is difficult to keep secrets of such magnitude hidden with so many evidence and witness narrating their experiences.

Also it is obvious that it is planned in the near future to be officially announced the existence of this beings to the rest of the human population, that is why perhaps much of this information had been released by the government of the most powerful nations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What recent declassified documents have contributed to understanding UFO secrets, and what insights have they offered?
Recent declassified documents, such as those released by various governments and military agencies, have shed light on previously unknown sightings and encounters, offering insights into the frequency, geographical spread, and the official response to UFO phenomena.

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