Are alien abduction real?

Imagine this, you suddenly wake up in the middle of a quiet night, without reason something seems to be happening but are not clear what is it about. So, you decide to get up, thinking that perhaps a walk around your home will make you sure that everything is alright.
Are alien abduction real?

The truth behind alien abduction

Imagine this, you suddenly wake up in the middle of a quiet night, without reason something seems to be happening but are not clear what is it about. So, you decide to get up, thinking that perhaps a walk around your home will make you sure that everything is alright.

And When you find yourself in the middle of the hall in your way to the living room, something moves very quickly and, afraid, and with a pinch of curiosity and bravery, you decide to continue, to finally find a strange being of half you high staring at you in the shadows, then you realize that you are back in bed, and scared, when you see all around you, you find that it’s already morning, and that thing that you really feel to have lived, seems to be a bad dream.

Everything continues normally, but when you are about to leave your apartment, you find something different in the living room, a rare piece of what seems to be a crystal on the floor, something that apparently belongs to an unknown object. At that moment you remembered your last night nightmare and then you start to question yourself if it was actually a dream or not.

Believe or not, this a reality for many people around the world, and sometimes even that every alien abduction has its own characteristics, they usually share things in common that we are just about to explore.

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What is exactly an alien abduction

Well we can compare an alien abduction with a regular kidnapping, but without the petition of a ransom and without the need to involve the police department, because most of the victims are returned back to their houses, but, there’s still a group that seems to vanish forever.

Those are who gets into the category of missing persons and usually their cases are filed as unsolved. Those who are returned home, present loss of memory and notion of time, even when it has been up to several days after its disappearance.

Yes, they who not return the next morning can’t help to decipher the reason for their disappearance because of their lack of memory and their cases continues without an apparent explanation, a thing, that those persons must continue to live with.

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But… is alien abduction real?

This is a question that most of all, who have never had experienced something like this, will always wonder. But, even when the proof of elements is usually vague, is the testimonies of the abductees, which come from different latitudes, whose stories have certain similarities that make us affirm that in the end something unusual has been experienced by these people.

For scientists and most regular people for something to be true, needs to pass through the scientific method, and bringing an alien or their devices to a laboratory is not an easy thing to do.

But we must remember that the fathers of the scientific method, like Leonardo Da Vinci and even Copernic, could never prove the existence of viruses or bacteria, as the microscope hasn’t been invented by then. So, there’s a high probability that what witnesses are claiming to be true.

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The evidence

Since the case of the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, the major evidence collected concerning abduction is related to the information obtained through the hypnosis of the witnesses. Even when is not an exactly science, they hypnosis have use for decades to treat psychological disorders.

During the state of hypnosis, the abducted can describe the events that followed their encounter with these strange beings. But still these kinds of evidence is not enough for skeptical people.

But what about the implants? Well it seems that some of the abducted people have appeared suddenly with small devices inside their bodies, even when claim that they never have received any kind of surgical intervention. In the newly released UFO files published by the United Kingdom Government, are mentioned some testimonials that describe these kinds of implants, like piece of metal in the base of the skull, small needles inserted under the skin and even pieces similar to a microchip that continued emitting radiation.

Most of the components of these pieces are made of known materials like iron and cupper, but there’s still a group of implants that seem to be made of unfamiliar materials, like unknown pieces of metal and crystals.

Newly released UFO files published by the United Kingdom Government

Doctor Roger Leir was a medical expert in collecting this type of evidence. He claimed to perform more than 15 surgical operations in which he extracted objects suspected of being implants. Dr. Leir achieved to discover that most of the implants, that had the size of a pencil tip were magnetic in nature.

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Also had been found in the bodies of the abducted marks, scars and bruises in unusual places, where is difficult where it’s difficult to get hurt during regular activities. This kind of evidence had been well documented, as is found in almost all the abducted, without mentioning how perfectly some of the scars seems to have been made, which makes it evident they have been made with surgical tools.

Also in the scene of alien abduction had often been found a strange type of hair, materials and unknown devices. Like in Peter Khoury’s abduction, back in 1992, in which a piece a blond hair was left behind after what he thought at the beginning to be a very bizarre dream, in which two women, with strange characteristics, involved him in a sexual encounter. After he woke up, he found this hair that proved him that what he lived was actually real.

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Can an abduction happen to us?

Well, according to urologist we are all exposed. But, it seems that the persons that had been abducted before will continue to have more encounters in the future as if these beings were following their studies in the selected subjects.

But, if any of the things described in this article fit in your experiences, maybe, you have been a subject of study for aliens, and perhaps, you should try to contact any group that may help you to understand what is happening:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What common psychological or social factors are observed in individuals who report alien abductions?
Individuals reporting alien abductions often exhibit common psychological factors such as sleep paralysis or vivid dreams, and social factors like a strong interest in extraterrestrial life. These factors are considered by researchers to understand the phenomena's psychological underpinnings.

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