UFO technology

UFO technology

Very often we have heard of what is necessary to travel in space, as it is one of the greatest limitations for humanity in expanding our exploration in this vast unknown area, but, this who should be required to successfully complete a trip of this magnitude? Well, the answer could probably be found through UFO technology.

Being able to cross space at such a fast speed, to reach at least the planet closest to us, Mars in a few days, it's impossible for us now, but if we manage to create a technology to do it, it would bring many benefits because as biological beings we needed a series of conditions for our survival, and as the more the human body is exposed to zero gravity, the more damage can be caused to it.

In addition, we depend on many things such as oxygen, water and food. But it seems that the answer to the question of how to make a trip in a very short period of time is found in these mysterious objects that we see around the world.

From Tic Tac UFO navy witnesses to unidentified submerged objects called in the 1970 book by Ivan Sanderson, Invisible Residents, all of these objects could reach speeds higher than any modern jet, without even make noise or cause friction on air or underwater. How is it possible? Well, let's review some of the theories of some ufologists.

No sound, no friction

It is therefore a fact that UFOs can fly or dive underwater at high speed without noise or friction to cause a single wave, perhaps the explanation is in the lack of impenetrability or interaction with the surrounding matter, it is as if these objects were there but without actually being there.

An example of this can be found in some non-ordinary materials such as neutrinos, which can pass through large layers of material without interacting with them. This means that one of the UFO technologies would be the ability to somehow adjust regular matter to this non-ordinary matter. But now that brings us to a new question: how do we change the situation?

What is a neutrino?


Since Ernest Rutherford's experiment reached the artificial transmutation of nitrogen into oxygen in 1919, it has opened the door to the possibility of making greater changes in matter, as had been mentioned in the ancient proto-scientific practice of alchemy, in which experts claimed that this could change regular materials to gold.

But the transmutation of certain elements in a non regular matter like a neutrino, with almost no mass, charge or rotation with a large quantity of required energy, that means that UFOs would be larger if they used a known energy source, but, do they? Of course not, let's see what type of energy source would use UFO technology.

Transmutation: Magnum opus (alchemy)

Energy source

How Nikola Tesla declared in 1893 in St. Louis, Missouri, to the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia:

"Before many generations pass, our machines will be powered by energy obtained anywhere in the universe"

Following his investigation with wireless electric transmitters, which were able to transmit energy at any distance without using cables. This is perhaps the answer for which UFOs do not need to be so large to transport atomic generators indoors because it is probably that they somehow receive a large amount of energy in a distant form.

Wireless power transfer

In addition, the source of their energy could come from bodies like the sun or other sources of energy. But still, there is a question about how UFOs can fly in different environments at high speed without even having an aerodynamic shape, and also, how could interior occupants survive very sudden movements?

Antigravity and interior gravity

UFO technology should certainly dominate gravity in all its aspects, according to UFO experts, but why and how could this be possible? Well, the reason why it is obvious that a UFO is a type of interior gravity is because no living thing would survive the effects of the UFO's high speed and sharp turns, this according to witnesses. they had presented in their movements.

In addition, without having an aerodynamic shape, they can fly and move in all directions, and even dive underwater with only a rounded, generally flat shape, which is impossible for artificial flying and aquatic devices. So if UFOs have the technology to control gravity, how would it be possible? Is there a way to control gravity at will?

Well, let's check the facts. On September 14, 2015, space-time undulations were detected for the first time by the LIGO-Virgo collaboration, which used the Virgo interferometer, which is a group of instruments used in science and industry to measuring small displacements. And being able to discover that gravity actually behaves when waves directly open the possibility that it can be manipulated and, that is certainly what UFOs have been doing for a long time, even when for the moment it is impossible for humans to do it.

What Is a Gravitational Wave?

As we know now, all UFO technology has a possible mode of operation, so, maybe in the past, people could see these phenomena as a magic force, now we understand that more than magic, they are supported through advanced scientific and technical knowledge, areas in which we are discovering and still trying to understand its physics.

But now that brings up another final question, how advanced will the beings from other worlds who have visited us be? Well, just analyze that, maybe what had been considered gods and mythical beings in ancient times could actually be the first contacts of our nascent civilization with advanced life forms. If this is true, they are more than thousands of years ahead of us, or perhaps millions of years. So it makes sense to think that they may have accumulated enough knowledge to dominate all of this UFO technology.

UFOs in Ancient Art: Hidden in Plain Sight

Frequently Asked Questions

What advancements in modern science and technology have been speculated to be influenced by alleged UFO technologies?
Speculations suggest that certain advancements in aerospace, materials science, and energy might have been influenced or inspired by technologies observed in UFO encounters, although these claims remain unverified and are a subject of ongoing debate and investigation.

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