UFO sightings in Argentina

UFO sightings in Argentina

Probably we had heard about UFO around the world, but maybe we don’t have a clear idea about how often this kind of phenomenon is watched in Argentina.

As we may know, South America seems to be one of the favorite places for UFO, especially the regions of Peru and Chile, and also, during a time they were frequently seen in parts of Brazil, well, they still continue seeing UFOs with the variant that there some people claim that have had close encounters of a third kind or even of a superior kind, but that’s something that we should see deeper. But still, what is happening in Argentina is going every day further. Let´s then check what had been happening there concerning the UFO sightings in Argentina.

Las Ovejas, Neuquen

Las Ovejas, is a town in Neuquen, in the region of Patagonia, in which almost all its inhabitants to have seen UFOs during different hours of the day and night. The place had even in one of its hills a viewpoint for tourists, a strategic place where they have the possibility to observe these strange objects; being one of the biggest attractions of the place, which is visited annually by a large number of people.

One of the most surprising encounters of its inhabitants occurred in 1981 when Jose Fermin Albornoz, while he was grazing, observed an object that was flying at a low altitude and from where two beings descended and spoke to him in an unknown language to then, in somehow were able to convey his desire to take him with them, something that the witness rejected to do.

En Argentina todo un pueblo ve ovnis en el cielo ¡Mirá!

Sightings and abductions in other parts of the Patagonia

Some expert claims that it is possible the existence of an extraterrestrial base in the region of the Patagonia, because in the most registered encounters of UFO sightings in Argentina, the vast majority come from the regions of Río Negro, Chubut, Tierra del Fuego, and Antarctica.

And since 90’s the sightings and encounters had increased at a very high rate, the Group of UFO Investigations had declared that the 70% of abductions come from this region. One of the most outstanding cases occurred on July 31st of 1995, when a luminous object of almost 30 meters in diameters followed, for more than 15 minutes, the flight 734 of Argentinian Airlines, piloted by Captain Jorge Polanco.

In his story the captain narrates the following: There were four in the cabin. The first officer said: che, what the fuck is that? And when I lifted my face I saw something 30 meters in diameter, with a light above, orange, which flashed as if I was breathing, and another green, a very rare green that in the fucking life I had seen.” Then the next day, after the landing of the flight in the airport of Bariloche, the case was announced at a local station and from there to the rest of the country. Later, hundreds of person confirmed what Polanco had seen together with his crew.

UFOs: I swear I saw them

Police agent case

But still other of the UFO sightings in Argentina went beyond, this time a police member claim had been abducted. It was in 2006 when he was patrolling in his motorcycle in a remote area in the Pampa region when he suddenly disappeared as none of his colleagues could contact him. The next day he was found in a ditch by a driver.

He was in fetal position and terrified. When conscious he couldn’t stop talking about some red-eyed beings, claiming that they had kidnapped him for several hours. Also he claimed that they gave him orders and they told him not to say anything.

The disturbing case of Pucheta: the policeman who was abducted by a UFO

Air force investigation

But the UFO sightings in Argentina seems to have an intrinsic reason, due to its proximity with Antarctica, some ufologist thinks that perhaps a settlement of otherworld beings had been in the area for so long because of the frequently how they are being seen, also because in that only region almost all the main types of UFOs, that had been reported in other places around the world had been seen there too.

For that reason, since 2011, the Argentinian Air Force had started to investigate the different claims that come from around the country. One of the most known cases was the sighting of a UFO denounced by an air traffic operator and hundreds of residents in Río Cuarto, a city in the central province of Córdoba, in which the military force directly handled the investigation and even asked for help to the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Also, they had been investigating some cases of UFOs over Buenos Aires, the capital city of the country, something that clearly shows that the UFOs are not only being seen in the Patagonia region these later years.

This is how a UFO was seen in the sky of Buenos Aires during Mañanas Argentinas

International attention

The recent claims of UFO sightings in Argentina had gained international attention, being until these latest years a place of encounter for specialist in the matter, where CEFORA, an organization that had been actively working for more than 10 years had been organizing events with another known ufologist from other countries in an effort to exchange information about this phenomenon that had been happening around all the world and also, they had been requesting the declassification of the archives from the Argentinian government.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique patterns or characteristics have been observed in the UFO sightings reported in Argentina?
UFO sightings in Argentina often exhibit unique characteristics such as specific geographic hotspots, patterns in the time of sightings, and types of observed phenomena, which might reflect regional environmental factors or cultural interpretations.

En Argentina todo un pueblo ve ovnis en el cielo ¡Mirá!

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