What is an Unidentified Flying Object?

What is an Unidentified Flying Object?

That’s really a question that most of us usually ask, but trying to exactly define what is an unidentified flying object is not always something simple, as according to different subjects, under this definition could enter whatever object that is in the sky without a clear the recognition by the eye of the observer and, maybe, if that the case, almost all of us had seen a UFO until a deep investigation could proof the opposite.

But after discarding the groups of regular objects that can be confused with unidentified flying objects, there is still a group of mysteries objects can not fit in anything known before, those are the kind of objects that cause a great debate among the believers of the existence of visitors from other worlds on our planet and their detractors.

Unidentified Flying Objects: What We Know

Objects that are often confused with UFOs

Some regular objects are frequently confused with Unidentified Flying Object operated by a superior intelligence from others worlds, like birds, planes, balloon, drones, flying toys, even trash and loose particles that sometimes stand in front of the camera. But let’s analyze why this confusion may occur.

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Flying animals

For sure anyone knows someone that claims to have captured something strange when taking a picture with the cellphone. And it’s probably that even when the witness is completely sure to have captured an Unidentified Flying Object during that perfect selfie activity, in fact, it’s more probably to have captured an uninvited guest during the shot, that can be a bird or an insect.

As the alleged UFO is found out of focus and in motion in the pictured and if its resemblance fit in the known and publicized shape of a saucer or any other known shape of a UFO shared by the media. But some specialists in photography can confirm if it is a UFO or not, using filters and specific software for this.

Also, observing the details of the entire context of the picture and the references with the shadows in the picture can help to know exactly what happened during that shot.

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Lens flares and Shadows

For far is the main cause of confusion, not only in static pictures but also in live broadcasting. And in this kind of events witnesses usually not only claim to observe a unique unidentified flying object, but a complete group of them, and after being deeply analyzed, the evidence, they result to be the reflection of the lights of passing cars and sometimes the light of the buildings, towers or antennas.

During sunrise and sunsets is also very common to capture images that seem to be out of place, maybe for that reason this time of the day is called by the Japanese the magical hours, as it very often that when a picture is taken with the sun in the horizon, the sunlight that gets into the chamber of the camera could act like a prim, producing the lens flare, that sometimes pass as an unidentified flying object or any other paranormal thing.

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Planes, balloons, and drones

Some witnesses are sure to have captured an unidentified flying object, but when it's about any device created by humans is more easy to identify, because of its distinctive shape or movement. Not matter if the picture has been captured during the night, the regulation lights of these objects can give a clear clue to the experts.

And no matter if it’s some military device presented with a very unusual shape, because if the capture has been in a video, it’s easy to confirm the nature of the objects only with the movements.

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Other objects that can also be confused with UFOs

From dust to planets, it’s unbelievable the kind of objects that can appear surprisingly in a picture. Let’s check: some users of cellphones don't take the precaution to protect the lens of the camera, so, any kind of particle can seep into the frame of vision, but this kind of element is easy to discard during a profound examination of the picture.

Planets and satellites, also catch the attention of those who are not used to explore the dark sky outside the cities and sometimes can be confused with UFOs, but only with a simple review of the evidence, it’s easy to confirm what it really is. This also happens so often with the ISS (International Space Station).

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Objects that do not fit into any category

Well, let’s go back to our main business. This are the kind of objects that a spectator can observe, capture in any device and be extremely studied.

This type of evidence, not only can appear through some lenses, sometimes they are also registered by radars, bringing more questions than answers, because if the profound studies prove that they don’t belong to anything known, then what are and who is in charge of controlling those things. From thousands of pieces of evidence receive by experts every year, a small percentage fit in this category.

So, we can say that the unidentified flying objects are real, because this kind of evidence show usually strange movements that don’t correspond with the known laws of physics, sometimes are soundless or even more, present strange sounds. x

Perhaps, for the skeptics is easy to affirm that the evidence is false, but, recently serious institutions like the FBI and others around the world have declassified their UFOs files. In the case of the files of the FBI, they pose that maybe these unidentified flying objects come from a different dimension than ours, more than from other planets on this same universe.

The fact is, that definitely, these objects are real, but now, the questions would be, who are they? Where they come from? And why they haven’t openly introduced to us? Who knows, while there are still many different assumptions, the only true thing is that maybe the next time you prepare to take a picture; you may have the next great evidence to help clarify these questions a bit.

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