Some unknown UFO sighting sites

Some unknown UFO sighting sites

Reports of UFO sighting have been documented around the world, but yet, there are places in which most people do not even suspect that have a high rate of unusual visitors on different UFO types. And when most of us would think that these places are far from the populated areas, the truth is quite the opposite, but still unnoticed for most of its inhabitant. One of these spots can be found in Panama.

That’s right, more known by its artificial canal with locks, in Panama, has increased the number of local witnesses that affirm have seen unknown flying objects during the day and even swirling lights during the night in the sky. But the most notorious thing is that there are even witnesses that claim that this sighting have been registered near Panama city, its surroundings and also along the  Panama Canal ‌  area.

Example of this are some youtube channels that share some of these footages, some of them, filmed during the day in crowd places:

The first registered sightings of these kinds of flying, objects were back in the mid-’90s when for the first time the local news reported the information of witnesses who claimed have seen at a low altitude some of these objects during the day causing the panic between the residents of Don Bosco and Las Acacias, some of the best-known neighborhood located near the metropolitan area of the city. During that time, this kind of news wasn’t taken so seriously for the rest of the inhabitants as seem something very unusual for this region.

But with the abrupt introduction of new cell phones with an enhanced camera, the number of evidence showing stranges flying objects have increased, even when most of the city residents are still skeptical about this type of evidence, leaving without much interest this kind of topic. But this type of evidence has called the attention of international UFO investigators from Mexico and the United States who have listed the following sites as frequently visited by these kind unknown objects:

Anton Valley (El Valle de Anton) UFO sighting site

The town is located in the inner part of an extinct volcano, in the central region of the country. Some witnesses have assured that near the mountains is frequently to see flying lights during the nights.

Panama Canal area UFO sighting site

Along this area have been reported the appearance of unknown flying objects during the day and strange movement of light during the nights. Some witnesses think that these things might be special exercises of protection of the U.S. Military forces due that even when the  Panama Canal ‌  passed under Panamanian administration, the United States is still forced to keep its security.

But, they are some other witnesses that are sure that this is not military forces but other things interested in the  Panama Canal ‌  and also in its main operation source, the freshwater. The specific areas of the  Panama Canal ‌  in which they are frequently seen are, near the Ancon Hill, it’s the tallest place in the city and its surrounded for most of its part by dense jungle; Agua Clara locks, located near the Atlantic coast, it’s in the Colon province, it’s known also for its strange lights that move near the locks since sunset; Barro Colorado Island is an island located in the middle of the Gatun lake and is a natural reservoir of many species, but some claims that there are also hidden other species that don’t belong to our planet.

Cerro Azul UFO sighting site

Cerro Azul is a chain of mountains that are located at the east of Panama City, near 30 minutes from Tocumen International airport by car. This place is composed of high lands with fresh climate reason why have been chosen to locate many horse breeding farms. According to some residents, in days of clear skies is possible to observe strange objects flying over Panama city during the day and at night, from its panoramic viewpoints.

Baru Volcano UFO sighting site

The town of Baru is located in the west part of Panama, in the Chiriqui province. It’s a good tourist location known for its high land climate with temperatures that reach almost 5 degrees celsius and it amazing natural areas surrounded by dense vegetation and crystalline rivers.

This place is the favorites for some expert in the study of UFO, as the Baru Volcano, that has an altitude of 3474 meters is frequently visited by hikers and tourist who enjoy camping in the area and had claimed to observe mysterious lights entering the volcano crater.

Cerro Campana UFO sighting site

This special reservoir of natural species comprehends a chain of mountains that are part of the central mountain range of Panama.

The place offers a unique view of the near beaches population and from its most famous viewpoint is able to be seen, sometimes, strange objects entering into the ocean water.

This place is ideal for tourists and investigators that don’t want to go to inaccessible and remote areas as it is located at almost 50 minutes by car from Panama City. Some videos that have captured UFO activity have been taken from this area.

Darien UFO sighting site

Known for having one of the bigger, dense and a virgin tropical forest of the world, has received recent attention, not only for being a place where paramilitary groups from Colombia hides or for being part of the route that is taken for international drug trafficking, but for had another type of unusual visitors, that for sure are from outer space as had claimed some of the police forces that usually camp there as a measure of control of the area.

But they don’t only have seen strange lights in the middle of the jungle, but also some adult humanoid forms less than one meter tall, in which in most of the cases, they decide to keep the distance from them. This place is not recommended to be visited for tourist or investigator because it is very dangerous because is a place taken as the hiding place of terrorist paramilitary groups.

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