UFO attacks: information and 4 examples in Brazil, India, Turkey and the USA

UFO attacks: information and 4 examples in Brazil, India, Turkey and the USA

Every day, acceptance of the presence of UFOs becomes habitual, while decades ago there was a time when mentioning the existence of the kind of rare phenomenon would make people laugh a lot.

But still, in the collective consciousness, we might think that the presence of a UFO is a type of benign event, like most of the cases reported, just something unusual seen in the sky, and perhaps this thought will encourage us to try to get closer in the presence of these rare objects, to better observe them, which in most cases would be a big mistake.

Why? Because sometimes these strange objects can attack, it's true, let's review some known UFO attacks.

UFO attacks over Colares, Brazil.

During 1977, in a village on the island of Colares at the mouth of the Amazonas river, a series of incidents with strange flying objects caused panic among the population. The events lasted several months forcing the government to take action against them.

When the soldiers reached the area, they were able to confirm what the villagers had claimed, the presence of different types of UFOs which were small spherical cigar shapes, which not only appeared at night, but sometimes attacked the population with light rays and radiation. More than 80 people were injured and 2 of them died. The soldiers were also attacked and the government authorized the evacuation of the village, taking multiple proofs, from photos, films and written information, to then classify them as highly secret.

The Colares incident: the Chupa-Chupa lights of Brazil

UFO attack on Uttar Pradesh.

During the nights of August 2002, it was reported in the night sky of Uttar Pradesh in India, several observations of bright spheres. At first, the witnesses felt curiosity about these spheres which do not seem to exceed six feet in diameter, but soon, a group of people who observed them became frightened when some of these spheres approached, emitting a reddish and bluish light that caused some people to burn and others fell ill. In the following days, seven of the injured were killed.

'Alien' kills 7 in India

UFO attack in Turkey

In the province of Sanliurfa, Turkey, an object which, according to witnesses, looked like a comet, was seen crossing the dark sky following a south-eastern trajectory towards a base which was used by the Islamic State.

The object, which suddenly split into small debris, causing authorities to believe that it may have been, in fact, a meteorite, but, there are still large doubts around this event due to the numerous reports UFOs in this area and, that according to some witnesses, who managed to escape towards Turkey, these UFOs attacked and destroyed certain bases of the Islamic State and the Taliban.

Even when these claims may seem strange, we must remember that in events like wars, we usually observe this kind of phenomena, like those which were recorded during the Second World War.

UFO attacks ISIS in bizarre images showing explosion in flight and mystery plane in the sky

UFO attack in Texas

In 2011, a leaked sequence emerged showing around a military base in Fort Worth, Texas, a series of strange lights which were followed by a sequence of explosions. There were hundreds of witnesses who testified to the veracity of the video, and also claimed that the lights made no noise and that it could even have completely illuminated the night sky, making this event visible more than several kilometers away.

This event also caused the explosion of the electrical network, causing a power outage around the city. Although the official statement of the event explained that the incident was due to lighting that struck some transformers, creating a power outage, but the statement did not refer to the strange lights seen previously during the outage.

Alien Attack in Fort Worth Texas 11 5 20111

But are UFO attacks real?

Well, almost all government agencies deny that claims about this phenomenon have been attacked, trying to give an easier-to-accept explanation for each of these incidents because, obviously, we are trying to keep people calm, because even when authorities have declassified certain UFO documents, in most of them they focus only on sighting and witness reports but not on direct attacks.

But there is a government that has openly claimed how dangerous the UFO can be and conducted an open investigation into the type of weapon they were using because they wanted to know how to neutralize that type of technology to guarantee the safety of their own population, yes, that It is the Italian government which, since the fires of Canneto di Caronia, a town located in the northern part of Sicily, has openly investigated this case as a UFO incident.

The story

In late 2003 and the first week of 2004, a series of strange fires started in different parts of the community of Canneto di Caronia. These fires were usually presented spontaneously, burning a variety of objects inside and outside residents' homes, such as air conditioners, microwaves and various pieces of furniture.

The burning of these objects even caused the complete destruction of some houses, forcing their inhabitants to leave the city. Cars, trees, meadows and crops were also affected. Residents have sought help from the government and other institutions due to the continuing fire, forcing the Vatican to send experts to search for paranormal clues.

But it was when the government sent a helicopter with experts and supplies when it was openly visible the presence of a UFO with a spherical shape which then fired a beam of light which struck the helicopter forcing a landing d 'emergency. Since then, it was clear that the fires were caused by the presence of unknown objects which terrified the population.

For this reason, the government decided to set up a committee to investigate the attacks, which had even asked other governments for help in sharing information to understand how the weapon used for these UFOs works. The aim of the Italian government is to understand these defense mechanisms to prevent more attacks.

Finally, according to the report of the Italian government, the fires were caused by high-powered electromagnetic emissions which were not of human origin and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts.

UFO to shoot down helicopter to be shown at Unidentified, says Delonge

So now, you know, the next time you see something strange in the sky, keep your distance or go, because you may never know what would happen next.

Main photo credit: Photo by bady qb on Unsplash

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How do the reported UFO attacks in Brazil, India, Turkey, and the USA differ in terms of eyewitness accounts and government responses?
These UFO attacks vary significantly, with differences in eyewitness descriptions, the nature of the encounters, and the extent of government investigations and public disclosures in each country, reflecting diverse cultural and political approaches to these mysterious events.

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