State of UFO observations in 2020

State of UFO observations in 2020

Frequently, whenever we seek information about UFOs, read or watch a television documentary about them, there are always references to certain events that have transcended collective memory.

This makes some of us think that these may be the only isolated events ever recorded, and that they are so unusual that they may deserve another type of logical explanation or a reasonable doubt as to whether whether or not there were UFOs. But the truth is that these kinds of events have been happening more often than we ever thought possible.

For this reason, let's go to the present, to find out the most relevant cases concerning the sighting of UFOs in 2020.

UFO sightings in 2019

Yes, the year is practically starting and we already have relevant cases which have attracted international attention. But since the last days of 2019, an increase in sighting has taken place, starting with the one captured in a video in Mexico City, where a diamond-shaped UFO was filmed during the day, flying at low altitude and at low altitude. speed.

Then, five days later, a pedestrian in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, managed to film a similar UFO during the day, also at low altitude and at low speed. Could it be the same UFO? Perhaps. This idea is what makes it one of the most interesting observations.

First observation in 2020 of the UFO phenomenon in Mexico

First UFO sightings of 2020

Later, on the eve of New Year's Eve 2020, above the sky of Dubai was captured in a video a group of bright objects that did not appear to be objects made by humans due to their peculiar movements.

Latest UFO observations 2020 - UFO on New Years Eve in Dubai

But one of the most relevant UFO cases in 2020, started with what happened on January 5, that during a live NASA stream from the International Space Station (ISS) was visible for almost 15 minutes a strange and shiny object. With movements that released the possibility that it could be a regular celestial body.

UFO sighting? `` Glowing object '' captured on NASA's live broadcast prompts claims that `` UFOs are real ''

January 2020 sightings in Australia, Hawaii, California

January 21 was published on a Youtube channel the observation of a UFO in Australia that many witnesses would have also seen.

Another important case of the UFO sighting in 2020 was that which occurred on January 25, when a couple in Kahului, Hawaii, during a walk at 11 p.m., stood in front of the closed doors of a restaurant when they saw a bright white light falling up and down towards the floor behind the restaurant. After touching the ground, the light separated into several pieces and then disappeared.

Another case, which attracted the attention of many, was that of several amber lights that were seen in the sky over Dana Point, California, on February 2 at around 8:50 p.m. The witness said that the lights were static in the sky for several minutes.

At least 7 fixed light points move in equidistant formation.

And even a few days ago, President Donald Trump confirmed that he had received naval officials, some recent reports of UFO sightings that had led to a brief closed-door meeting, even when he claimed do not particularly believe in the existence of UFOs.

Trump says he received information about UFO sighting

Observations in Uruguay, linked to the coronavirus in China?

So far this year, the sighting of several strange lights over Uruguay has been reported to an agency charged with officially investigating the UFO phenomenon in Uruguay (Cridovni). Even when the official position of the government is that these lights are satellites, probably to calm the population.

The increase and the continuation of UFO sightings show us, perhaps, that there is a very deep interest in monitoring human activity, but why? What had happened until recently that caused an increase in UFOs around the world? Well, let's review some events, which don't just worry us.

From December 2019, a new type of coronavirus began to spread among residents of the city of Wuhan in China, and soon the world witnessed the speed and extent of its spread through Asia, putting the whole world at risk of a global pandemic.

Later in January, the stock markets around the world shook off the possibility of the start of a war in the Middle East, and during that time and in January, Australia burned into the fire, where nearly more than a million animals died, an event which also affected the global environment. So, maybe that means that the increase in human conflicts will also increase the activity and observation of UFOs in 2020 worldwide.

But we must not forget that the kind of phenomenon has always been with us, because since the beginning of human history, people have claimed to have seen strange flying objects in the sky of the whole world, since we, as as humans, we have always been in conflict since the beginning of our history.

Main photo credit: Photo by Quentin Kemmel on Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions

How did global events in 2020, like the COVID-19 pandemic, affect the number and nature of UFO observations reported?
The COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in worldwide lockdowns, led to a noticeable increase in UFO observations in 2020. The change in human activity patterns, clearer skies, and heightened public interest in the surroundings during lockdowns are believed to contribute to this increase.

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