UFO Sightings 2021: 12 Remarkable Ones

UFO Sightings 2021: 12 Remarkable Ones

Often, if a message appears about the observation of some strange phenomenon above the earth, and this is not explained by any astronomical phenomenon known to science, and no evidence of hoax has been established, then they say that we are talking about an unidentified flying object, about a UFO.

From the alleged alien crash at Roswell in 1947 to the Pentagon’s confirmation of unidentified aerial phenomena in 2021, our obsession with UFOs has been unrelenting throughout the decades and that's just an understatement. With increased UFO sightings and strange lights appearing more frequently in our skies, we can not help but wonder whether or not we really are alone in the universe. After all, with the vastness of the universe, understanding it fully is an impossibility which makes the existence of alien life form a possibility that we can not discredit. Here are the most remarkable UFO sightings in 2021 that will challenge your belief and your notions of reality.

The Most Remarkable UFO Sightings in 2021:

May 27 - Mount Merapi, Indonesia

A fast-moving UFO seems to be entering the mouth of Mount Merapi, an active stratovolcano located near Java in Indonesia. The unidentified aerial phenomenon in Mount Merapi is one of the most interesting UFO sightings this year as it appears like a green laser beam in the photo captured by the witness. Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes which opens a can of worms as to why UFOs are often seen in this place.

June 25 - Somewhere in California

A black cube flying at fast speed was seen somewhere in California. With the video footage that was taken by the witness, it appears that the object seen over the sky was obviously flying using a technology that's unknown to humans. Aside from its cube-like form, the object has no visible wings or any means of propulsion and there was no way that this object could fly high up in the air, but it did.

July 6 - Skinwalker Ranch, Utah

After a little short burst of lightning, a team of investigators saw what appeared like a glowing, silver sphere in the sky over at Skinwalker Ranch. The event was witnessed by Travis Taylor, an aerospace engineer, and optical scientist along with the other investigators present on the property during the time of the event. For 200 years, the 512-acre property called Skinwalker Ranch remains to be the world’s most mysterious hotspot for UFO sightings and aerial phenomena. The said sighting and more can be seen in History Channel’s “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” Season 2, aired July 6, 2021.

July 15 - Ogden, Utah

A donut-shaped object mysteriously appeared in the sky of Ogden on the afternoon of July 15. The phenomenon was witnessed by a local who took an astonishing video that will leave anyone with more questions than answers. The witness described the object as black in color, nearly flat, and resembling the shape of a donut. It was a sighting worthy of attention as the flying object seen clearly defies the laws of aerodynamics known to man.

August 9 - Quebec, Canada

Several strange lights appear to create a special formation in Quebec's night sky. The phenomenon was witnessed and photographed by a local who later uploaded the event on YouTube. It was described as a “fleet of luminous UFOs” by the witness and many viewers from different parts of the globe have confirmed to have seen similar formations in their skies.

August 30 - UFO Sighting while Flying From Texas To Florida

A dark, circular object was seen moving through the air in a rotating manner as if it was following or scanning the aircraft. The sighting was witnessed by one of the aircraft's passengers who accidentally recorded the phenomenon using his phone. As it turns out, there have been a few other people who have seen UFOs flying alongside their aircraft but seeing an actual video is quite remarkable.

October - Isle of Wight, England

Three saucer-shaped objects were seen hovering above the sea on The Isle Of Wight. The witness described the objects as solid with shiny exteriors. With the many UFO sightings reported in this area, we can only wonder if there's more to The Isle Of Wight that we know nothing about.

October 9 - Canary Islands, Spain

Two rod-shaped objects were seen flying towards the erupting Cumbre Vieja Volcano in Spain's Canary Island. The unidentified aerial phenomenon was seen by everyone in the world in real-time because the Spanish television network, Television Canaria was doing live coverage of the eruption when the two UFOs appeared on the evening of October 9. There have been multiple sightings of UFOs and strange lights over the volcano for many years but this one is by far the most remarkable.

November 5 - Glasgow, UK

A strange object which appears to be humanoid in appearance was seen floating in the afternoon of November 5 in Glasgow. It was witnessed and filmed by a couple who were both baffled as to what the object could possibly be. What happened was clearly an unidentified aerial phenomenon which is one of the strangest sightings in 2021.

November 9 - Murviel lès Béziers, France

A strange flying object suddenly appeared in the sky on the evening of November 9 in Murviel lès Béziers. The phenomenon was witnessed by a group of friends who were chilling out and cooking some barbecue for the night. As seen in the recorded video, the unidentified aerial phenomenon was mysteriously flying and rotating in the night sky until it disappeared into the nearby trees.

December 10 - Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico

A strange glowing object was caught on camera descending slowly towards the mouth of the Popocatepetl Volcano on the evening of December 10. The Popocatepetl is an active stratovolcano located near Mexico City which is why it is being monitored and its activities recorded through Volcano-Cam. The sighting on the 10th of December was just one of the many sightings that occurred in the year 2021 alone.

December 27 - Sydney, Australia

A mushroom-shaped object was seen flying at fast speed in broad daylight in Sydney, Australia. The event was witnessed by a few people who were in the park where the object appeared. One of the witnesses captured a video of the sighting which appears to be equally baffling as it is astonishing.

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What characteristics make the 12 UFO sightings from 2021 particularly remarkable, and how have they contributed to the field of ufology?
The 12 remarkable UFO sightings of 2021 are notable for their credible documentation, involvement of reputable witnesses, unusual physical characteristics, or the impactful public and governmental responses they elicited, further fueling research and interest in ufology.

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