Les Lueurs Célestes, book by Olivier Bernard

Les Lueurs Célestes, book by Olivier Bernard

Depuis toujours, l’Homme observe des choses étranges dans le ciel. Les personnes qui se passionnent pour ce sujet sont souvent qualifiées de marginales...Mais après tout, ne sont-ce pas des croyances à respecter au même titre que les religions ? Comment affirmer que l’on connaît la vérité au sujet des mystères des cieux ?

Olivier Bernard en a fait l’étude et nous propose, dans cet ouvrage, des pistes de réflexion pour changer la vision populaire du « phénomène OVNI ».

La curiosité intellectuelle, la liberté de ton et d’esprit caractérisent l’auteur. En sa compagnie, nous nous glissons dans la peau de chercheurs : chercheurs de vérité, pionniers loin des sentiers battus pour explorer l’inexplicable.

Things have been said about UFOs

There have been things said about UFOs, sometimes real, often wacky, who can come towards you and claim to have seen an object flying at crazy speed or strange beings coming down from it? Certainly not all that you believe in and all that built who you are today.

These people, systematically categorized as mentally disturbed, marginalized or enlightened, will see that any affirmations, revelations or discoveries in this direction will be nipped in the bud, first by popular beliefs and much later by states and religions. .

It is difficult not to mix UFOs and religions when you know that in both camps, in both cases, it is a matter of belief. It is even difficult not to understand everything that opposes them and brings them together at the same time. I will inevitably go through the socio-psychological model of the UFO phenomenon, which is a thesis aimed at explaining most of the observations in a socio-psychological framework. You will have, I hope, an other vision of the thing without prejudice or complacency because to paraphrase a famous series, the truth is really elsewhere.

Man talks about strange things in the sky

Since man knows how to draw, write and communicate, he talks about strange things in the sky, about people like no other. Who can walk up to you and claim to have seen an object fly at breakneck speed or strange beings descend from it? Certainly not all that you believe in nor all that has built who you are today.

These people, categorized in a systematic way as mentally disturbed, marginalized or enlightened, will see that any affirmation, revelation or discovery in this direction will be nipped in the bud. First by popular beliefs and much later by states and religions. Crazy or frightening idea, it has always been very difficult to make your voice heard on these subjects, even very dangerous at certain times. (...)

It's hard not to mix UFOs and religions

Difficult not to mix UFOs and religions when we know that in both camps, in both cases, it is a belief. It is even difficult not to understand everything that opposes them and brings them together at the same time. One worships one or more gods (monotheistic or plural religion) and the other does not worship, donate or offer or recite texts but believes in extraterrestrial life already present on Earth or elsewhere in the world. 'universe.

I like to put these two entities back to back in this way because in this way we realize that it becomes impossible to make fun of one or the other. To say that the ufologist is a madman and the religious a saint ... or the opposite. In the end, they have no more evidence than either of them (we will verify this throughout this book) and so much in common as well. They both believe in something else, whether it is under their feet or under their eyes.

In the end, it's just the approach that's different, because the film is the same, it's the actors who change. All religions (or almost) have only one “God”, we speak of “Monotheistic” religion, one and the same divinity, but which one? And this is where it gets interesting because it is not the same depending on the country or the culture. Thus among the Indians, it has several arms and an elephant's trunk, among the Buddhists (although not considered a religion because there is no question of god or divine nature, Buddha having existed) it becomes slightly obese.

The Arabs refute the idea of ​​portraying him and the Christians see him with a white beard like Santa Claus but even there they have been opposed since the 16th century. Should we be content to think that religions always have an institutional form with a clergy, pastors, imams, monks or gurus, or also consider personal development practices as religion? (...)

In the Old Testament Eli relates that he was carried off by a chariot of fire

In the Old Testament, Eli relates that he was taken up by a chariot of fire, shining with blazing fire. We can easily relate to a shuttle which abducts humans just as it still does today but which is no longer the subject of a sacred book. The full text is also very similar to contemporary accounts but with the reference systems of the time. A chariot = a UFO. 500 years BC, Ezechiel's vision (1: 15-16) said:

“I was in exile with my brothers in Babylon, near the Kebar river, when the sky opened up. A strong wind came from the north with a great cloud and a shower of fire. All around, a light shone. A sparkling glow came out of the midst of the fire. In the center, something looked like four living things. Their appearance was close to that of men. Each of them had four faces and four wings. (…) They sparkled like polished bronze… (..) The flying wheels that turned and flew before his eyes (1:18) of a frightening circumference and height. (1:24): I heard the sound of their wings when they walked ...

He had seen the same thing as people today, these ships are the same but at that time, apart from the birds, there was nothing in the sky and nothing that moved without being alive. The ancient writers of the Bible seemed comfortable with the idea that other intelligent beings could exist. (...)

Old Testament Books

We must not laugh at these researchers and scientists

We should not be alarmed at all or on the contrary laugh at these researchers and scientists who are impatiently waiting for a signal, it is still a question of time / distance. Let us recall that in August 1856, the Neanderthals were discovered by chance and that in 1860, the publication of the work of Boucher de Perthes shows that the “antediluvian” man came into contact with extinct animals, which will be confirmed in 1864.

Books by Boucher de Perthes

Likewise, since radio astronomy has only existed since 1930, programs for the search for extraterrestrial life, like these discoveries, are even more recent, which means that the time spent by the human species in searching for possible Extraterrestrial civilizations is still very short if we compare it to the lifespan of civilizations as we know them.

We must not exclude the fact that to hear a long-awaited civilization, this implies in particular that the said extraterrestrial civilization emitting the signal has at least similar if not superior technologies.

Indeed, it may also be a less advanced civilization or conversely, as obviously, more technologically advanced than we are and may use technologies beyond our current knowledge. The Minitel is not compatible with the Internet and yet these are two means of communication. In view of the visits received, UFO movements observed, it is even more than probable. (...)

Disinformation is defined in 1949

Disinformation is defined in 1949 in Russian-language dictionaries by the phrase Action to mislead by means of false information, the example given being: disinformation of public opinion in capitalist countries .

This first step in the construction of a discourse that manipulates through fear is linked to the socio-economic context of a country or a geographic reality shared between the speaker and the recipient. The sharing also explains that this first phase does not necessarily have to be stated explicitly. The information which constitutes the source of the disorder can therefore be considered as presuppositions since, without being openly posed, it is automatically drawn into the formulation of the statement.

It also happens very often that the source of the evil is identified in a vague way: the culprit does not have to be perfectly identified, so as to leave the impression that he is not visible and conducts his business secretly. Giving lots of information, explaining, appearing transparent is the most skillful and invisible exercise in disinformation.

Conversely, as the lack of information gave birth to rumors, it was up to states to deny rumors that could damage the country's reputation. We tend to believe that what is on our newspaper or our television is representative of reality and reflects a majority thought.

But if everything is so subjective and only shows me what you like, we might just take the information as it comes, never questioning it. Anyway, what's the point of being skeptical of information that suits me?

An influence from the Bible is unlikely

There will be numerous appearances of flying objects in 15th century paintings, and any influence from the Bible is unlikely 1,500 years later. The pictorial art of this period eminently reflects a religious influence. The artist here expresses a duality between what has been seen (by him or someone else) and what he has learned all his life. There are a lot of them and I will only remember a few, like “The Annunciation by Saint Emidus”, painted in 1486 by the Italian artist Carlo Crivelli, showing the Virgin Mary before being informed of the birth of Jesus . In this painting we can clearly see a beam of light emitted from a round shaped celestial object flying towards the Virgin Mary.

Japan - Flamboyant Wheel - 900 An illustration depicts a sighting of a flaming wheel reported in AD 900 in Japan.

Arabia - Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon - 1557 Extract from Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon by the Swiss Conrad Lycosthenes (1518-1561). The drawing describes the vision of a UFO in Arabia in 1479. The work is held in the Australian Museum Research Library.

The Miracle of Snow, by Masolino da Panicale around 1447 is a work that transcribes his vision in reference to the legend of snowfall that occurred on a hot summer day in the 4th century. The painting represents Jesus and Mary supposed to observe on a cloud, the scene of an extraordinary event of a snowfall. Besides the interpretation that this cloud could be a celestial opening from the sky towards the earth, it is evident that the numerous disc-shaped other clouds look mistakenly like significant UFO activity.

Aliens and UFOs in Art

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek will even come to France

What is on the other hand more affirmed and verified, it is this important wave of sightings of saucers over France in the fall of 1954 which surprises even the American investigators because of the number of reports of landings evoked by the hurry.

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek, consultant for the US Air Force between 1948 and 1969, even came to France in 1958 to meet Aimé Michel, one of the most famous French UFO specialists, to verify if these stories were a reality.

J. Allen Hynek on Wikipedia

When Paris Match publishes an article

When Paris Match published an article on an observation near Orly airport, (Jacques Le Bailly, Daniel Camus, Les saucoupes volantes do a return in the sky, Paris Match, no 362, March 17, 1956, p 68-7.) On the night of February 18-19, 1956, the CIA's new deputy director of scientific intelligence denigrated the French press while France's interest in UFOs was closely monitored.

The event took place on the night of February 17-18, 1956. An echo attracted the attention of air traffic controllers at Orly airport, near Paris. An object, twice as large as the largest aircraft in service at that time, appears on air traffic control radar.

The technicians observe its trajectory. The UFO flies at supersonic speed, around 2,500 km / h, before coming to rest over the airport for four hours.

Paris Match n ° 362
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How does Les Lueurs Célestes by Olivier Bernard stand out in its literary approach to the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial life?
Les Lueurs Célestes distinguishes itself by blending factual UFO research with fictional narrative, offering a unique literary approach that engages readers with a combination of realistic detail and imaginative storytelling.

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