What are the latest UFO sightings in 2022?

What are the latest UFO sightings in 2022?

At the end of last week, US intelligence submitted a report to Congress on unexplained air phenomena that have been observed in America in recent decades. The document contains everything that the country's authorities know and do not know about the invasion of unknown aircraft on American territory. The requirement to prepare this report appeared during the administration of President Donald Trump, and the new leadership of the White House supported its publication. I have read this document and briefly retell what the new American authorities have learned about UFOs.

Five main findings that intelligence has established

The US government acknowledged the existence of UFOs

In total, between 2004 and 2021, the authorities recorded 144 unidentified air phenomena (UAEs). 80 of them - with the help of instruments and sensors. In 11 cases, US military pilots reported that they were close to a collision with strange aircraft.

Experts tried to divide all these episodes into several categories: aerial fauna, such as birds or meteorological balloons, natural atmospheric phenomena, US government or industrial programs, foreign adversary systems, and “other”.

“We are absolutely confident that what we are seeing is not just sensor failures. These are objects that physically exist, ”CNN quotes the words of his interlocutor in the US government.

No sign of space aliens

Experts do not undertake to assert that unknown flying objects are of extraterrestrial origin, but they cannot unambiguously refute this either. As well as the versions that the apparatuses of states discovered by them, in particular Russia or China.

“Of the 144 reports we are dealing with, we do not have clear evidence that these phenomena have some kind of extraterrestrial explanation, but we will go where the facts take us,” Reuters quoted a senior American official as saying.

With unambiguous certainty, the experts were able to explain only one episode - a flying object, which turned out to be a balloon.

UFOs pose a threat to national security

Especially when it comes to flight safety, because in the conditions of UFO activity, the authorities cannot control the sky. This may result in collisions or other accidents.

“Safety issues primarily concern pilots who work in congested airspace. UFOs also pose a challenge to national security when it comes to enemy intelligence vehicles or their breakthrough technologies,” the document says.

Among other things, the government was alarmed by the fact that UFOs are often seen near military training grounds, where they test new weapons and equipment. Most often they are met by military pilots.

Authorities need more information

For an accurate understanding of the nature of unexplained flying phenomena, experts will have to do more work. All this will require even more resources and investments.

In the meantime, experts are dealing with not too detailed reports of encounters with UFOs, from which it is difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions. Some do not contain technical data at all that engineers could study, but are compiled solely from the oral recollections of pilots.

At the same time, in 18 incidents described in 21 reports, observers reported unusual movement patterns and technical properties of unknown vehicles.

“Some UFOs remained stationary in strong wind conditions, others generally moved against its direction, sharply maneuvered or accelerated without any visible engines. On rare occasions, military aircraft systems have detected radio frequency energy associated with aerial phenomena,” the report says.

UFO sightings will be taken more seriously

For a long time, reports of UFO activity, including by the US military, remained a side issue. However, after attention at the White House, discussions at the Pentagon, and pressure from some members of Congress, the military will investigate any new cases of unidentified aerial phenomena in more detail and quickly.

For years, the men and women we trust to protect our country have reported encountering aerial targets of extraordinary capability, and for years their concerns have often been ignored and ridiculed, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Sen. Florida Republican Marco Rubio.

However, in recent years, the situation with UFOs has been changing, which is indirectly indicated by the fact that an intelligence report has appeared. In addition, in 2019 the US Navy created a formal way to register UFO sightings, and in 2020 the Air Force began to use it. Expert work in this area is ongoing.

Latest UFO Evidence Developments in 2022

Latest UFO sightings 2022 have changed attitudes towards UFOs and the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Many scientists openly declare that these objects require careful study. American pilots are even advised to report strange phenomena that they observe during flights.

On January 3, 2022, a triangular UFO was discovered in the sky over the United States. We learned about this from the Internet - a video appeared on the network, according to the author of which an object with three luminous lights appeared in the sky on New Year's Eve.

An American UFO researcher has published a video with a triangular object that appeared in the sky over the US state of Ohio on New Year's Eve. The blogger posted a video on one of the forums, the users of which suggested that the UFO has camouflage functions.

“This is a single entity. It has four luminous parts - one in the center and three in the corners. I believe these are cockpit parts or engines, ”the Daily Star quoted UFO researcher Scott Waring as saying.

In October, an unidentified flying object was noticed in the sky over the Kemerovo region at the beginning of 2022. He was observed in the Belovsky district, Leninsk-Kuznetsky and Mariinsk. Internet users report that they saw the object in other regions, for example, in Barnaul.

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What new elements or characteristics have been observed in the latest UFO sightings of 2022, and how do they add to the ongoing discourse on UFOs?
The latest UFO sightings in 2022 may introduce new patterns, behaviors, or technological features not previously recorded, contributing fresh data and perspectives to the ongoing analysis and debate within the ufological community.

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