UFO: The fourth, and most plausible version of the origin and purpose of Unidentified Flying Objects

UFO: The fourth, and most plausible version of the origin and purpose of Unidentified Flying Objects

For seven decades, ufologists from all over the world have been breaking spears in global disputes and in search of the truth that is invisibly hovering around the theme of the reality of flying saucers so beloved by them, or, as they are commonly called scientifically, Unidentified flying objects (abbreviated - UFO, or UFO).

Official sources give us such a definition of an unidentified flying object - an unidentified observable flying object or phenomenon, the term anomalous atmospheric phenomenon is also used.

In different countries, there are many public initiative organizations and enthusiasts involved in the registration and analysis of UFO phenomena. They have been trying for many years to find confirmation of UFOs and demonstrate it to the whole world.

They have collected and comprehensively examined, studied and analyzed thousands, tens and even hundreds of thousands of alleged UFO sightings at different times and in different places of the Earth. Not all ufologists, of course, attribute the appearance and existence of these objects to the presence in near-earth space of some unknown aliens, but almost all of them agree that these objects are real. Only their origin and purpose does not remain clear.

Three main hypotesis

There are three main hypotheses about the origin of these UFOs. This is an alien origin (that is, they belong to representatives of cosmic civilizations), intraterrestrial (objects belong to representatives of an unknown terrestrial civilization hiding in the depths of the earth or ocean) and natural (all kinds of natural phenomena). All three hypotheses have a logical foundation, and the last one is also scientific.

But in some most suspicious way, another hypothesis is ignored, which has exclusively political, or rather, financial significance. This is a hypothesis that all these UFOs were invented in 1947 by the American military in order to bother taxpayers in the face of Congress, which releases funds for certain purposes, and then steal this money. The hypothesis, of course, is very daring, but it has rather strong foundations.

The first information about UFOs appeared in 1947

Let us remind those who do not know that although the first information about UFOs appeared in 1947, this era was preceded by another event that, for some reason, is not very much associated with the UFOs themselves. This is the so-called Philadelphia Experiment, allegedly carried out by the American military in 1943. History has not brought to us the real results of the experiment, and the fact that later some transparent rumors began to circulate around this event about the creation of some kind of invisibility of a warship, they remained rumors.

The only real fact was that almost a billion dollars were spent on this experiment - about the same was spent on the creation of the atomic bomb. The amount is truly gigantic, but this is exactly the case when the mountain gave birth to a mouse - no real results have been heard to this day. Where did the money go? Nobody raised this issue. Why? Yes, because the money was stolen by the generals, and the case was hushed up - America does not face scandals of this magnitude.

The expedition ended quickly…

Roughly the same thing happened with UFOs, only the amounts here have already begun to appear on a much larger scale. Judge for yourself: in 1947, a scientific expedition was sent to Antarctica, consisting of more than a dozen warships, including an aircraft carrier. Not surprisingly, after the war, many powers of the world sent their fleets to Antarctica to chop off a larger piece from it.

What for? And then, that the entire shelf around Antarctica is replete with minerals, including oil and uranium. However, all these studies did not carry any practical result - at the end of the 50s, all countries agreed that they would not conduct any development of minerals in Antarctica, and would not use it as a military base. But that was later, and in that significant year 1947, it was in Antarctica that humanity first encountered the very UFOs that figure in all sorts of ufological studies to this day.

The expedition ended quickly, lasting from February to March - is it too insignificant time for such a significant mass of ships? In this case, one ship was lost, it was reported that he collided with an iceberg. Returning to the United States, the head of the expedition, the famous American polar explorer, Admiral Richard Byrd, made his report to President Truman, which, however, has not been made public to this day.

But it was in March of the same year that persistent rumors began to spread around the world that Byrd's squadron collided with a UFO and entered into battle with them. Some went further - Byrd collided not with a UFO, but with the Soviet Antarctic Fleet.

Two such phenomena occurred in the United States

Literally a month later, Truman asked Congress for $ 400 million, allegedly to fight communist influence in the Balkans. The money disappeared into no one knows where, and the influence of the communists in that region did not undergo any changes. Further, through the Congress, sums of large sizes were requested, and almost every demand in the world saw the strongest surge of UFO sightings.

Two such phenomena occurred in the United States - in Roswell (Roswell Incident) and near Seattle (UFO group over the Cascade Mountains). From that very moment, the most active participation of the entire US military elite began in the assimilation of the billions of dollars allocated by the US Congress to combat the mythical Soviet threat. A secret and plenipotentiary committee Majestic-12 was promptly created, which included high-ranking officials representing all branches of the American armed forces.

The funds received for the fight against communism were deposited on the accounts of these particular figures, and then distributed among all interested - this is known for certain, since the first information about these machinations surfaced back in 1949 in connection with the death of the head of the committee, Admiral James Forrestal. The official version is suicide, the unofficial one is the result of the redistribution of funds between “shareholders” within the circle of initiates.

The generals might have fabricated facts

Naturally, in order to receive more and more significant sums from Congress, not only pretexts were needed, but also reasons. The generals with might and main fabricated facts of the appearance of UFOs in different parts of the world, and demanded more and more money from Congress. The frightened Congress did not refuse them anything, and since the fight against the communists and their UFOs was conducted at the highest level of secrecy, the people's representatives were not able to control the spending of all these sums.

About ten trillion dollars have been spent for the study of UFOs

Some more or less knowledgeable experts have calculated that about ten trillion dollars have been spent from the US treasury for the study of UFOs over the past 60 years, and this is only the lower limit.

The amount, of course, is rather big, but the US budget is able to withstand such expenses. Meanwhile, we have not seen any results until now. After the collapse of the USSR and the collapse of the communist system, the number of UFO sightings dropped sharply, and the generals lost their traditional feeding trough. To replenish the cash reserves, protracted (and apparently endless) wars were eventually organized in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the amounts allocated for the fight against bin Laden and his Taliban (which is practically not being conducted in any way) cannot be compared with UFO money.

Many researchers believe that as soon as the Russians, Americans and Chinese cover the entire near-earth space with their space stations and other objects, unidentified flying objects that tormented the imagination of all inquisitive mankind will disappear altogether and will remain only the property of history.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this fourth version of the UFO origin and purpose, and why is it considered the most plausible?
The fourth version likely presents a more scientifically grounded or rational explanation for UFOs, possibly attributing them to natural phenomena, secret military projects, or advanced but not necessarily extraterrestrial technologies, thus gaining plausibility over more speculative theories.

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