Control of our reality by intelligence outside Earth

Reality surpasses fiction; It is a saying that we have heard multiple times, but despite it, in most cases, it is very difficult for us to believe that completely unusual and implausible events can occur. So now let's explore some of these events a little, to try to completely understand that the reality in which we live goes far beyond the things we take for granted and what we simply perceive. And also, that maybe, the control of our reality could be in the hands of intelligence outside Earth...
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Uncovering some UFO secrets

Most of the regular people these days have a clear idea of what is a UFO, or how should be a UFO, because TV shows and movies have brought into our everyday life this type of information, but in fact, when talking about UFO, not all the information shared through the media is accurate, but most of all, not all of it, is really shared....
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What is an Unidentified Flying Object?

That’s really a question that most of us usually ask, but trying to exactly define what is an unidentified flying object is not always something simple, as according to different subjects, under this definition could enter whatever object that is in the sky without a clear the recognition by the eye of the observer and, maybe, if that the case, almost all of us had seen a UFO until a deep investigation could proof the opposite....
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